Trancoso is a small town in the municipality of Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia, Brazil (Lat (DMS) 16, 34' 60 S
Long (DMS) 39 4' 60W. It was the landing point of the Portuguese explorer, Pedro Alvares Cabral in Brazil, on April 21st1500. It was founded by the jesuits priests, on 1583, with the name of Saint John Baptist of the Indians.
The town is in a rectangular shape, with houses in the original style. It is famous for its beaches, such as Praia dos Nativos, Praia dos Coqueiros and Praia do Espelho. In recent years the location has been developed by the hotel industry, including the French Club Mediterranée. This has pushed up property values. Amidst the many rich and famous people that live in or visit the town, Trancoso continues to retain its rustic charm, with its extensive pristine beaches, exuberant nature and friendliness of the locals. It offers a wonderfully warm and sunny tourist destination for its diversified visitors from Brazil and abroad, a place to slow down and relax. Services range from modest and economical accommodations and meals to the most luxurious and sophisticated.Area Description
Sitio Paraiso is a tropical, private and secluded retreat located at 200 meters front the juncture of Rio da Barra and the Atlantic that creates a natural lagoon. Imagine yourself exploring by a kayak around the river or simply enjoy swimming in this natural setting.
The house is surrounded by 16,000 m2 of tropical forest and colorful garden with exotic species of plants, cocounut palms, banana trees, hibiscus, pineapple that create a paradise atmosphere.
Its grounds are 200 meters from our almost private beach a short walk over footbridges through mangroves to a palapa (natural shade cover) on the beach where you can enjoy the cool breezes of the Atlantic or stroll over the mouth of Rio da Barra and take cocktails at the friendly restaurant-bar on the point between the beach and the lagoon there.
Hangliders and paragliders ply the cliffs to the north when the wind comes up, and occasional fisherman and skindiving tours work the reefs a couple hundred meters offshore

Sitio Paraiso is a private house located in one of the most preserved areas in Trancoso and in the heart of one of the more international celebrity destination (Giselle Buindchen,Leonardo di Caprio, are regulars there. When Naomi Campbell visits she usually stays in Donata Meirelle’s house, the owner of “Daslu”, the San Pablo boutique that sells more “Chanel” than any place in the world after Paris. Princess Andrew was there also in 2006 playing golf in the area.