How to get here

Trancoso is located in north-eastern Brazil in the state Bahia, 30 km under Porto Seguro, and can be reached by Porto Seguro International Airport. Porto Seguro International Airport is the closest airport at 40 km distance. It takes approximately 45 minutes by car, 1 hour by bus to travel to Trancoso.

It is possible to book a flight direct to Porto Seguro from Amsterdam, Lisbon and Paris, although most connections pass through Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Belo Horizonte.
There are flights from Amsterdam with KLM via Sao Paulo, or TAP via Lisbon and Salvador. TAM has flights from London to Porto Seguro via Sao Paulo and Salvador, as other companies. TAM GERMANY has flights from Frankfurt via Paris to Sao Paulo.

You can rent a car at the airport or in the center of Porto Seguro at HERTZ or LOCALIZA. From Porto Seguro you can take a taxi to the ferry (Balsa) across Rio Buranhem to the other side and take a taxi or bus to Trancoso in about 60 minutes.

A taxi directly from the airport to Trancoso costs around 150 Reais (€ 55). A taxi to the ferry (Balsa) in Porto Seguro around 20 Reais (€ 8). In both cases you will have to pass Rio Buranhém by ferry for about 6 Reais (€ 2) to take a bus (ônibus) (viação Águia Azul - see timetable) or a van to Trancoso for 5 Reais (€ 2).

From San Pablo TAM or GOL Airlines to Porto Seguro (time 1 hour aprox.)

From Porto Seguro airport to downtown Porto Seguro Taxi, Bus (time 10’)

From Porto Seguro downtown to Arrail d’ Ajuda Local Ferries that cross the river and south trought Arrial d’ Ajuda, taking the road in land a short way to where it connects with BA001. Go south about 15 km to turnoff for Trancoso, then east about 1 km to the Trancoso town . Head north through to the coast road and look the sign for Terravista. Take this road about 3 km to the turn in the road with the two coconut palms in the middle of the road and the guard shack on the right. You can inquire int the guard shack for Augusto’s house or jus proceed 100 mt. farther on the coast road to the small road on your right , then proceed 500 mts. To the entrance to Sitio Paraiso, at the bridge on your left.