Rio da Barra
One of the mos preserves beaches in Trancoso on the south side of the mouth of the river you can see a huge magrove swamp . Before ir reaches the sand gbar,the river forms a calm bay good for bathing qiete different form the other side of the bar where the waves are jmuch stronger ideal for surfing. It's a flata beach with lots of greenery and coconuts.

Praia dos Nativos (Natives Beach)
It is the main beach in Trancoso, and also one where you will find most people. It has big restaurants but, due to its great length, you can always find quiet places just by walking a bit. It has more than 3 kilometres of sand where every step is better than the one before. You can rent horses by the river outlet, and can also take a river bath without worrying about contamination. It is also interesting to take a river ride by boat or rent a kayak.

Praia dos Coqueiros (Coconuts Beach)
It is a beach with few and small waves. There are coral reefs 100 meters into the sea and a lot of coconut trees. In the summer you can ride a banana-boat. During the nlow tide there are Natural Pools where you can Dive with just a mask.
Between the outlet of the Trancoso River and the restaurants of Coqueiros beach you can find small places, each of them with its own beauty.

Praia da Pedra Grande (Big Rock Beach)
After Coqueiros, 500 meters. It is thinner than the other beaches, with much fewer tourists. It is difficult to walk in the sand during high tide because there is not enough sand. These are the last restaurants on the beach.
After Pedra Grande the restaurants stop and what is known as Nude's Beach begins. If you plan on walking on to the south remember to take water and sun protection. You can walk up to 2 hours eventually arriving to Praia de Itaquena and the outlet of the dos Frades River, a beautiful deserted beach with sand dunes and small lakes during low tide. It is also a very good place for a motorbike excursion, because you can not get there by car.

Itapororoca beach
The water is sea green and warm. The reefs form a pool with calm water and no wave. The local people are the main user of the beach.
Curuipe beach for enthusiastic wlkers who enjoys a trek this is the best option. Its 12 km from Caraiva along a wiold and deserted coastline. There are sereral bars in Curuipe where it's possible to regresh yourself for the return trip.